The interactive 3D product configurators allow for 360-degree views. Many 3D product configurators are available that you can use as a plug-in for your ecommerce store to provide a unique and enhanced shopping experience.

3D Configurators make online shopping more accessible by all owing customers to view products from different angles and in other settings, this tool allows you to modify colors and animate functionality. It also lets you experience the product before purchasing it.

What Can 3D Product Configurations Do?

Your ecommerce store can benefit from 3D product configurators. These benefits include a faster purchase process for customers and a better demonstration of the product or service’s value.

1. Configure, Price, And Quote (CPQ)

This is one of 3D product configurators’ most valuable features for ecommerce businesses. This plug-in, which stands for configure price, quote, allows you to provide quotes for products. This plug-in makes it much easier to sell complicated items that have a lot of configuration.

3D product configurators allow your sales team to be involved even though your customers have selected the majority of the styling elements for their products. CPQ can be leveraged to allow your sales team to participate in the majority of the sales process on your ecommerce website. This is especially true if you use an automated ecommerce platform.

2. Demonstrate Style And Function

Consumers are less likely to purchase products they don’t know about. Consumers want an in-person shopping experience, even if they shop online. 3D product configurator is great way to increase sales and brand awareness.

3D configurators can show the functionality of every part of a product, as well as how it looks and functions together. Think of sites that you’ve worked with to build a car. This is an excellent example of the added value a 3D configurator could bring to your brand. Customers feel more confident about products they have experienced before purchasing them.

3. Provide Photo-Realistic Representations

Flat images of products are becoming less popular with modern consumers. If the products are complex in design, this can cause ecommerce brands to stumble.

Your brand can use a 3D configurator to create photo-realistic copies of the item. You can even make your customers feel confident about the textures of the items they are viewing with the zoom function, which is part of many configurators.

4. Works With Any Device

This is one advantage of 3D configurators that many ecommerce companies enjoy. It can be difficult to optimize product images and interactions across all devices. You could lose a lot of sales if there are significant differences in the shopping experience for mobile shoppers.

3D configurators make it possible to optimize your product images for any device, including smartphones and tablets. No matter the device, customers will still be able to enjoy the same seamless and high-quality buying experience they have when shopping online.

5. Increases User Engagement And Calls To Action

The 3D configurators are also an excellent way to reach a call-to-action function that guides buyers toward finalizing their purchase. The combination of 3D configurators that provide a unique buying experience and a reminder that buyers only need to click next or submit to purchase the item can make it a powerful tool to increase sales.

6. Make 3D Ads

Another area in which 3D product configurators excel is this. Your product renderings can be used to create compelling ads that will appeal to consumers who may not have visited your ecommerce store.

A clear ad that shows the product in question is more appealing than one with no interactive features. E-commerce advertising provides store owners with a variety of metrics about click-through rates and engagements. Adding these kinds of 3D configurator-designed ads to your arsenal will tell you a lot about buyer behavior when they are offered a truly appealing ad.

By Parker