A dog bite may be both painful and alarming. Many animal assaults result in significant injuries, such as lasting impairments, scars, or deformity, as well as long-term or permanent psychological harm. Tragically, when a kid is a victim, these injuries, and potentially the danger of death, are dramatically exacerbated. In contrast to car accidents, slip and falls, or faulty product injuries, the law governing dog bites may be highly convoluted and unclear, making it difficult for a non-lawyer to receive compensation for the resulting injuries. If your loved one has been wounded by a dog bite, Pushchak Law Firm can assist you in locating a dog bite attorney Denver r who understands the law and how to prepare and present a compelling case in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Dog Bite Laws Differ From One State To The Next

Some states use a fundamental negligence standard, holding dog owners accountable when their dog bites somebody due to their negligent actions. Other states have adopted a strict liability standard, holding owners accountable if their pet bites another person, regardless of carelessness or whether the owner was taking care in maintaining or handling the animal at the time. Another prominent approach holds owners accountable only if they knew their animal had a hazardous or nasty proclivity to bite or attack.

Of course, many jurisdictions adopt a different approach, including components of all three liability theories. Animal owners in New York, for example, are absolutely accountable for medical bills when their animal bites a human, but they are only liable for additional legal damages if they knew or should have known of the animal’s hazardous proclivities. In California, dog owners are responsible if the assault occurs in a public area or on the owner’s private property while the victim is legitimately on the property. In Georgia, a dog owner can be held accountable for injuries caused by negligent management or allowing the animal to run free if the animal was violent or dangerous, or if the person broke a law requiring the animal to be kept at heel or on a leash.

The Right Animal Attack Lawyer Can Assist

Compound fractures, face lacerations and puncture wounds, internal injuries, nerve damage, scarring and deformity, rabies, and mental stress can all result from a dog attack. Victims of ferocious animal attacks may suffer from permanent physical injuries as well as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or a lifetime dread of canines or open spaces. Death from an animal attack is also a possibility, particularly when the victim is a tiny child.

The burden of proving the degree of losses does not end there for an injured person. Pet owners can utilize many defenses to avoid culpability, including alleging that the victim provoked the animal or otherwise undertook the risk of being bitten, or that the occurrence was caused or contributed to. Furthermore, dog bite victims may be hesitant to pursue legal action against the owner, either because they are unfamiliar with the law or because they are a friend, neighbor, or family member of the owner who does not want the owner or the dog to be in trouble. However, insurance is often available to cover the expenses of part or all of the medical care and any financial losses incurred by the assault. And this is precisely what insurance is intended to achieve.

Every day, over 1,000 individuals attend the emergency department due to dog bites or animal assaults, and dozens of people die as a result of dog bites. By taking legal action against the owner of a dangerous animal, you not only obtain much-needed recompense for yourself and your family, but you also make the community safer and save others from being attacked.

By Parker