IQOS is a tobacco heating device that delivers nicotine to users through tobacco wrapped in a specific paper.

These "heatsticks" are heated within the IQOS, releasing nicotine along with other tobacco components and tastes for users to inhale.

This is in contrast to traditional cigarettes, which burn tobacco. The important thing to remember is that the aerosol produced by the heated tobacco in IQOS includes some toxins.

Is IQOS Less Dangerous Than Smoking Cigarettes?

The chemicals emitted in the aerosol from an IQOS device are the same cancer-causing compounds found in cigarettes and e-cigarettes since it is tobacco. Some were identified at even greater levels in IQOS, whereas others were detected at lower levels.

Heating tobacco rather than burning it may result in fewer cancer-causing chemicals. And the ones that are issued are in smaller quantities. However, this does not imply that IQOS is risk-free.

What Distinguishes IQOS And Other E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes, which are now available on the market, are nicotine delivery devices that include a battery, a heating element, and a liquid container. Users inhale the aerosol as a vapour when the liquid is heated.

IQOS devices do not utilise heated liquids to transport nicotine into the body, as do e-cigarettes. IQOS devices heat actual tobacco leaves, which include a variety of naturally occurring chemicals and carcinogens.

Another distinction between e-cigarettes and IQOS devices: E-cigarette liquids are available in a range of tastes. The only thing that IQOS and e-cigarettes have in common is that they both contain a battery, and they don't burn tobacco.

Taking Care of Your Device: 5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your IQOS Battery

Do you want to make your IQOS battery last longer? If used incorrectly, regular usage, like any other electronic gadget, drains power and performance, and no one wants to be caught off guard with a flat IQOS. So we've developed a list of five amazing methods to preserve power and prolong your IQOS battery, as well as a few maintenance advice for your device:

1. When Your IQOS Is Completely Charged, Unplug It

Overcharging your IQOS battery is one of the most prevalent ways to wear it out. Leaving your smartphone in the IQOS charger overnight may result in the battery draining. Even though it's less convenient, disconnecting your IQOS after it's completely charged is a simple approach to extend battery life.

2. Do Not Let the Battery Discharge before Charging It

Allowing your battery to discharge completely before charging drastically affects its longevity. Instead, recharge the IQOS after 20 uses, which happens to be when you complete a pack of tobacco sticks.

3. Keep IQOS at the Proper Temperature

It's a little-known fact that exposing products like e-cigarettes and IQOS to high temperatures can damage them, reducing the lifespan of both the device and its battery. After each use, keep your IQOS in a cool, well-ventilated location. Also, avoid storing your gadget in very cold temperatures.

4. Maintain the Cleanliness of Your IQOS

Regularly clean your IQOS using the IQOS cleaner and cleaning sticks to get the most use out of it. This will maintain the health of your IQOS and give you a satisfyingly constant flavour.

5. Make Regular Use of It

By using and charging your IQOS on a regular basis, you prevent the battery from draining, ensuring that it always has the power you require for the best-heated tobacco experience.

IQOS Battery Security

On the internet, we frequently see concerns about the safety of e-cigarette batteries, but IQOS Canada does not fall into this category. Before they are sold, all IQOS products must pass stringent safety tests. Every material used is tested and evaluated, and each component is manufactured to extremely high quality and safety standards.


By Parker