For any business, branding is a key marketing tool. Your company will be more successful if your logo and company brand is visible to potential clients. A great and practical way to achieve your goal is to have logo rugs bearing your company’s branding. Logo rugs can be used by customers and employees for two purposes. Continue reading to find out how to order custom rugs with logo and which rugs to purchase. This article will be a helpful guide for everything you need to know about logo rugs.

How do Logo Rugs Get Printed?

You read that right. Logo rugs are often printed. In most cases, the logo is printed on the rug using a state-of the-art digital printer. Digital printing has many advantages. Printing photos on a rug with digital printing is possible, for example. Digital printing also makes it possible to print 3D images. Your logo rug can pop with this technology. To have your company’s logo printed on the rug, send it to the company as a text file via computer. The rug company would send you a digital copy of the final product, just like you would a marketing brochure. Once the proof has been approved, the rugs may be used. The majority of file setup and file sharing can now be done online. It is possible to order rugs online. 3-D rugs are sure to make a big statement.

Inlaid Logo Rugs

This alternative logo rug is a printed rug. To create the logo, colored pieces can be assembled in a jigsaw-like fashion. You think this is crazy? This process is really quite intriguing: the logo is made from a hexagonal, pattern retrial that can be purchased in many colors. This process does NOT produce 3D, photographic-quality images, as shown in the previous example. It does, however, produce sharp, crisp images. Inlaid logo rugs are able to be used with a stronger and more durable rugerial than those made for digital printing. These rugs are ideal for outdoor use as they can withstand most weather conditions and treatments.

Do You Need Floor rugs?

Flooring rugs can be more than an attractive decoration that draws customers’ eyes as they enter your business. They have many useful purposes.

These areas are very popular and get a lot of footfall. These are also where goods and stock pass. These people can cause irreparable damage to your floors, including carpets. This wear and tear can also increase your risk of falling. Non-slip rugs can protect your floor and your customers. They are especially important in areas with slippages. It is important to remember the possible costs you may incur if staff or customers slip into your business premises.

Placement of your Logo Rugs

Your logo rugs represent your company and should be placed in an area where they will be easily seen. Typically, you want to place rugs in areas that see a lot of foot traffic. Many businesses place these rugs in front or in the lobby of their main entrance. You may want to place a smaller rug right in front of your main entrance and one that is larger inside. These rugs must make a good impression on clients.

By Parker