We've discovered that not everything can be used securely as a candle container. So, which containers are suitable for creating candles? There are just a few sorts of finest candle containers. However, each kind has an infinite number of styles. Here's a breakdown of each type:


#1 Metal Candle Holders

Candle containers are an excellent alternative for creating candles. You may go for a sleek aesthetic like these gunmetal candle containers or an exotic one like these high-end candle replicas.

Choose metal candle containers in appealing hues like matte black, rose gold, or vibrant teal if you intend to identify your candles. You may also get Christmas tins for manufacturing candles. (These tiny white candle canisters are beckoning!) Each may be easily labelled on the top, bottom, or side.

Candlemakers enjoy that, unlike glass containers, metal containers for candles do not allow them to see the wax, making them an excellent choice for beginning candle makers. They'll disguise flaws like candle icing and uneven pours. Make a container candle in a tin by following these steps.

You'll also like the usage of candle tins because they keep your candle aroma stronger when stored with the lid on. 


#2 Glass Candle Holders

Although glass container candles are popular, certain glass containers are not safe. To produce candles in a glass, they must be thick, smooth, and heat resistant.

Is making candles in wholesale candle jars safe? Mason jars are safe candle containers. They are designed for pressure canning and can resist temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. They're nonporous, smooth, and thick enough to keep cracks at bay.

Any glass jar that shares these characteristics might be an excellent option for candlemaking. Drinking glasses, glass vases, and other attractive glass containers should be avoided.

How about the wine glasses? Is it possible to make a candle in a wine glass? Wine glasses, on the other hand, are not sturdy and are prone to cracking.

With that said, many beautiful glass containers for candles are manufactured, such as these coloured glass containers with bamboo lids, these high-temperature resistant amber glass jars, and these mercury glass jars we made candles in for an upcoming candle workshop.


#3 Ceramic Candle Holders

Ceramics are undoubtedly one of my favourite types of candle holders. See my instructions for ceramic pumpkin spice candles, blue spruce candles, candy apple triple wick candles, coffee cake candles, and pumpkin pie double wick candles. Can you tell I enjoy creating candles in the fall?

Ceramics are fantastic for manufacturing candles! They are durable, heat resistant, and sealed. In general, if a ceramic container is labelled microwave and dishware safe, you're set to go!

If you're restoring an antique ceramic container or cup, ensure sure it's in good shape and free of cracks. If you come into a ceramic jar that isn't sealed, put two coats of this to make it candle safe.


#4 Concrete Candle Holders

Concrete has grown in popularity in recent years. It has a distinctly industrial character and is strong and leak-proof as a candle container. Is concrete, however, safe for candles? Yes, it is regarded to be the most heat and fire-resistant of all construction materials. As a result, it produces very dependable safe candle containers.


#5 Enamel Candle Holders

Another durable candle container is enamel. They are built to withstand extreme temperatures and cracking. It will be difficult to discover an enamel container that leaks or is not durable. They are, without a doubt, one of the greatest candle containers.

By Parker