Cannabis can have a positive effect on cancer cells. This is only the beginning of what could become a breakthrough connection between cannabis treatment and cancer treatments. New research is promising in examining the potential use of CBD to treat bladder cancer in dogs.

Bladder Cancer: What's The Deal?

All parts of the urinary system can be affected by cancer, including the bladder, kidneys, bladder, and ureters. The most common diagnosis for cancer of the urinary tract is bladder cancer in dogs. Although bladder cancer is less common than other cancers, it still accounts for 1-2 percent of all dog cancers.

TCC is the most common form of bladder cancer in dogs. TCC is a type of cancer that invades the bladder wall's deeper levels, including the bladder muscles. TCC can spread to lymph nodes or other organs in dogs.

Although bladder cancer can be diagnosed in any breed of dog regardless of breed, it is more common among Scottish Terriers than in other breeds. This suggests that there may be an inherited predisposition to the disease. It is most common in senior and middle-aged females. Although it is not known what causes bladder cancer in dogs, it appears that there is a link between genetic predispositions and environmental factors like pesticides and insecticides.

Bladder Cancer In Dogs: What Are The Symptoms?

Early symptoms of bladder cancer include difficulty urinating, blood in the urine, straining to urinate, and increased urination. If not monitored closely and treated promptly, these symptoms can escalate in severity and become potentially life-threatening. Some dogs may experience lameness as a result of cancer spreading to their bones and other organs. It is crucial to establish a diagnosis. UTIs (urinary tract infections) can mimic symptoms of bladder cancer.

Some common symptoms include:

Frequent urination in small quantities

It is difficult to urinate

Loss of bladder control and more accidents in the home

Urine with blood or discoloration

Infections of the urinary tract, particularly persistent or recurring UTIs

Bladder cancer is generally more difficult to detect early and can progress quickly once symptoms appear. It is important to take proactive steps to prevent bladder cancer or any other cancer. full-spectrum hemp extract can be used in your dog's diet to support its overall health and prevent inflammatory conditions such as cancer.

CBD For Bladder Cancer 

CBD and chemotherapy together, as well as the differences between chemotherapy alone, chemotherapy, and chemotherapy. CBD golosinas para perros for bladder carcinoma not only reduced cell viability but also induced cell death in canine urothelial cell lines. It was even more effective when combined with chemotherapy.

Cannabis because of the continued denigration it receives from governments both domestically and internationally. Cannabis on cancer cells continues to grow. More research is being done to prove that cannabis (CBD/CBN, THC, and other compounds) can have a significant effect on cancer cells and improve existing treatments. While we know CBD can trigger apoptosis and stop metastasis and have a positive effect when combined with chemotherapy, new research continues to be done on specific cancers and cannabis therapy.

By Parker