There are many industries that have different requirements for choosing the right mat, and retail is no exception.

To make a lasting impression on customers, shops need to be attractive. They also need to ensure that their employees are happy and productive.

Shops and shops must ensure that they are following all regulations regarding the selection of mating. Many stores do this, even though they may not know it.


This is the first thing a customer sees when they enter the store. The first impression a potential customer has of your store or shop will determine whether they walk through your doors or head to your competitor. It all boils down to creating the right impression.

It is essential to have a good-looking entrance mat or system that keeps your floors clean of water and mud. You can find out more about the best entry mats to purchase in one of our blogs.

You can even make custom logo rugs! Customers will be proud to see a rug with your brand and the words “Welcome To” above it. Your customers will feel like they are shopping in a shop that exudes class.

Stay on the right side regulations

When it comes to furnishing, designing, and building their store or shop, retailers should be familiar with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005 (DDA 2005), as well as part M of Building Regulations.

All mats should be accessible for wheelchairs and provide escape routes. Avoid coir, deep piling, or excessively grooved surfaces. High-patterned mats can also be confusing for some people.

Hazardous areas

The type of store and the product or service being offered will determine the spillage risks.

It is important to placemats with good traction and mating that can absorb spillages. It is a good idea to do everything that can prevent slips and spillages from happening.

In order to reduce the risk of slippages in the vicinity, all stores should have sufficient entrance mats that can remove mud and water from traffic. The mats should be able to store and remove dirt and water so that they can be removed later.

Cashier desks and customer services desks

Anti-fatigue mats are a great option for staff who have to stand or walk in the same area all day. The mats reduce stress and promote blood circulation by encouraging gentle movement of the joints.

For areas where people are standing, use a single, fixed-sized Anti Fatigue mat. Use a larger runner or anti-fatigue mat tiles for larger areas.

Storage and Warehousing

Many workers will have to work in one area, on hard floors, all day. The same benefits will be realized by anti-fatigue mats as in the previous point. Nonslip and cushioned mats will also be beneficial in storage areas where spillage is possible.

Mats for heavy trollies

The mating must be strong enough to support the weight of shopping trolleys.

You need to ensure that the mats you select will not move, especially if they are vinyl-backed.

They must be strong enough to withstand the numerous wheels and weight that are being pushed over them.

Bevel the edges to allow the wheels and tires to glide smoothly onto the mat.

A thick rubber base is the best choice formats that are used in shops where shopping trolleys are being used. It will be durable and not easily slip on tiled floors which will be common in many shops.

By Parker